Author: Sophia

vegan Cauliflower potato gratin

Vegan Cauliflower Potato Gratin

A delicious, crispy gratin can only be made with cheese? That’s not true! Try my Vegan Cauliflower Potato Gratin recipe and change your mind! It’s completely animal-free, contains less fat, but just as much love! The truth is that I used to love gratins with lots of cheese. Now that […]

vegan pizza crust

Homemade Pizza Crust

Looking for the best homemade pizza crust? Then you’ve come to the right place! Make pizza like the italian himself. You only need 4 ingredients. But there is one catch! My family loves pizza! Probably everyone does, right? I’ve tried a few pizza dough recipes and stuck with this one. […]

vegan stewed apples crepes

Vegan Stewed Apples Crêpes

Craving a sweet snack that’s also filling? Then my vegan stewed apple crepes are just what you need! They are super easy and quick to make. In my recipe you get the basic recipe for vegan crepes. You can adjust the filling to your liking: Hearty or Sweet. Depending on […]

vegan blueberry cream dessert

Vegan Blueberry Cream Dessert

Are you looking for a quick, healthy dessert? Then stop! You’ve come to the right place. This vegan blueberry cream dessert has only 3 ingredients and is ready in 3 minutes. You’ll need: a package of silken tofu, frozen blueberries and your choice of sweetener to make this delicious dessert. […]

vegan durum wrap

Vegan Durum With Minced Tofu

You love wraps and burritos? Then you’ll love this vegan durum with minced tofu! The perfect healthy vegan lunch. And best of all, it’s ready in 15 minutes! A durum is a filled yufka dough. The dough is made from wheat flour. If you don’t have durum in the house, […]

vegan crunchy almond coconut granola

Crunchy Almond Coconut Granola

At home we eat a lot of porridge for breakfast. So that the breakfast is not boring, the toppings for the oatmeal are of course super important. In addition to fresh fruit and nut butter, granola must not be missing. We have a selection of homemade granolas. Today I present […]

vegan brioche burger buns

Vegan Brioche Burger Buns

A perfect burger also includes a perfect burger bun! May I introduce: My vegan brioche burger buns. This recipe is super easy and the burger buns are much better than store-bought. Trust me! Brioche burger buns contain eggs and milk. In my recipe, I show you how to make fluffy […]

vegan yoghurt berry ball

Vegan Yogurt Berry Ball

In this post, I want to introduce you to my kids’ favorite dessert: Vegan Yogurt Berry Ball. Delicious, quick to prepare and super creamy. The only “problem”: you have to wait a night for it to be ready to eat. 🙂 The Vegan Yogurt Berry Ball also consists of only […]

vegan soft white rolls

Soft White Rolls

These vegan soft white rolls are part of every one of our weekend breakfasts. The best part about this recipe is that the dough is prepared the evening before and then the rolls just need to be shaped and baked up in the morning. So they are also wonderfully fresh […]

Vegan hazelnut chocolate spread

Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

I don’t know how it is at your home, but at ours it is important to have sweet spread for breakfast. My children, of course, love chocolate spread. But often they contain a lot of sugar and unhealthy fats. But there is another way! You can easily make a healthier […]