Author: Sophia

vegan smashed potatoes

Smashed Potatoes with Crispy Crust

There are few things better than super crispy potatoes from the oven, right? In our family, potatoes from the oven are one of the favorite side dishes to various dishes. Now here I would like to share my recipe of Smashed Potatoes with you with garlic, a hint of chili […]

Mie Noodles Sweet Sour Eggplant & Bell Pepper

Mie Noodles Sweet Sour with Eggplant & Bell Pepper

Pasta dishes are very popular at home. So it is probably in almost every household, especially when children also eat. Whether spaghetti, lasagna or Mie Noodles is there almost no matter. I personally love Asian-inspired noodles, because I have the opportunity to play with spices and different flavors. In this […]

baked oats with blueberries and chocolate

Baked Oats with Blueberries & Chocolate

If you’re looking for an easy, tasty vegan breakfast, look no further than these baked oats with blueberries and chocolate. You can prepare them the evening before and bake them in the morning for just 20 minutes. The result is a warm, sweet breakfast that will fill you up and […]

pulled oystermushrooms wrap

Pulled Oyster Mushroom Wrap “Gyros”

It’s a wrap: The perfect lunch snack.This wrap here is filled with well-seasoned pulled oyster mushroom, bell peppers, cucumber and lettuce. Oyster mushrooms are a great alternative for meat, as the texture is very similar to meat. Plus, with mushrooms, you can be bold with spices to make it a […]

cashew paprika couscous

Crunchy Couscous with Bell Pepper & Spicy Garlic Dip

You think couscous is boring? Then try this variant! Couscous with crunchy cashews, fresh red bell pepper and the sweetness of dates. Add a matching garlic dip for a bit of spiciness. Perfect with salad as a side dish. Healthy, fast and delicious! It doesn’t get any better than this, […]

creamy fennel carbonara vegan pasta

Vegan Fennel Carbonara: Creamy!

Carbonara is a classic among Italian pasta recipes. In my recipe it is reinterpreted. My vegan fennel carbonara is very creamy, quick and easy to make. Try one of my favorite perennial favorites! All-Time Favorite: Vegan Fennel Carbonara I have always loved the creamy texture, salty component of spaghetti carbonara. […]