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vegan like ranch dressing

Vegan like Ranch Dressing

Of course, to make a salad really delicious, you need a dressing. This is one of my favorites: vegan like ranch dressing . The dressing is super quick to make and can also be easily and quickly transformed into a delicious dip. Ranch dressing is probably one of the most […]

vegan chickpea like tuna salad

Vegan Chickpea (like Tuna) Salad

Trust me: this salad tastes so much better than it looks! My vegan chickpea salad (like tuna) is packed with great ingredients and nutrients. And, of course, it’s incredibly delicious. Plant-based chickpea salad is a delicious alternative to tuna salad. The twist to this recipe is that it contains nori […]

Lambs lettuce with fruity oranges & caramelized walnuts

Salad belongs to every main course with us. Because a salad makes the whole meal simply fresher and it makes happy. I love especially salad from combinations with vegetables, fruits and nuts or seeds. Just like in this recipe of my lambs lettuce with oranges and walnuts. One of my […]