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Vegan Easter Brunch Recipes

Easter is coming soon! We like to invite friends and family over for Easter and then we eat together. In this article I have gathered you some vegan easter brunch recipes for your Easter brunch. Let yourself be inspired!

vegan easter brunch recipes

What we can not miss at a brunch are freshly baked rolls and bread. To go with it, there are different spreads. Here must be a mixture of sweet and savory spreads. My kids love the chocolate spread. I tend to go for the savory variety.

In addition to bread and spreads, sweet things must not be missing. My favorite is to make my yogurt bomb. This recipe is really loved by all my guests! It is also great to prepare. So I do not come on Easter day in a hurry and stress. Just as well can be prepared desserts from silken tofu, such as the chocolate mousse or the blueberry cream.

For the savory dishes at our hearty brunch, I love bean balls or cepacicis. Depending on how you season the bean mixture, new vegan “meatballs” are always created. They make great sandwiches or serve as a side dish. One of my evergreen recipes at brunch is the chickpea salad. I also always prepare crepes, which each guest can then fill as desired.

You can find more brunch ideas in my recipe category “Breakfast and Brunch”. The recipes are always updated and new ones are added all the time. Visit me also on Pinterest and collect my recipes there. But now I’m interested in what you can not miss at vegan easter brunch recipes. Be sure write it to me in the comments!

vegan easter brunch recipes

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