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2 variations of vegan savory filled crepes

Have you ever tried vegan savory filled crepes? Crepes don’t always have to be sweet! They also taste great with savory filling. In this article, I’ll show you two different variations. One crepe is filled with chickpeas and spinach, the other one has an Italian touch.

Crepes are great for preparing different lunchtime snacks. You can find the recipe for the basic batter in this article: Click! Since the batter is not sweet, you can also fill the vegan crepes with savory ingredients. Vegan crepes are great to prepare the day before and then fill fresh. Just like with wraps, you can vary the filling, so this lunchtime snack is never boring.

vegan savory crepes

Extra tip: The crepe dough can even be frozen!

But now to my two vegan savory crepes variants, which I would like to present to you!

Chickpeas & Spinach

Here you can see my green protein crepe. Doesn’t he look great? For the coloring of the dough I mixed fresh spinach leaves in the blender and folded it into the dough. Then bake the vegan crepes in the pan as usual. For the filling, I mashed cooked chickpeas with a fork. I seasoned the chickpeas with vegan mayo, lemon, paprika, tahini, parsley, salt and pepper.
On top of the crepes I put fresh spinach leaves, the chickpea mixture and then the vegan crepes were rolled up. This hearty crepe version contains a lot of vegan protein from chickpeas, tahini, spinach and mayo from soy milk. If you want to learn more about vegan protein, grab my free Plant Power Protein Guide now.

the Italian

For this savory italian crepe, you’ll need arugula and tomatoes. For the sauce, I mixed vegan cream cheese, with oregano, salt, pepper, tomato paste, olive oil and lemon juice. Super simple, right?

Both vegan crepe options are great for a quick midday snack, for your lunchbox, for brunch, or for a hearty breakfast. Be sure to give them a try!

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