About me

Hi, I am Sophia

Nutritionist, self-employed, mother of 4 children.

I have always enjoyed trying new things when cooking. When I became a mother, I was also more and more concerned about what was actually ending up on our table.

The more conscious choice of food has led me first to give up meat and finally also more and more animal products. Today I live with my family to 95% vegan. But everything can and nothing must! After all, nutrition should feel good!

The renunciation of animal products has of course also brought a small uncertainty, whether we take all the important nutrients to us. For this reason, I have decided, among other things, to study as a vegan nutritionist.

Cooking and baking with four kids between work, school, and kindergarten: you can run out of time! I have found the perfect way for me to cook in a time-saving but healthy way and would like to help you do the same. 

I am happy if I can inspire you!

Do you also know this: You again do not know what to cook today. There are always the same dishes. There is hardly any variety on your table. 

Then you’ve come to the right place! With Daily Super Tasty, I want to inspire you to try something new. I want to show you that vegetables don’t have to be boring and that good, delicious food is for you, not against you.  

As a nutritionist, I also give you practical expert tips & tricks that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

Are you ready to change your eating habits? 

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